In Burkina Faso, young mothers in precarious situations are welcomed in their new home

For several years, HAMAP-Humanitaire has been supporting its local partner SOS Fille Mère to help young mothers who are victims of violence and discrimination. Thanks to the help of international donors (see list), the girls are now housed in a brand new reception center. Despite the deteriorated security conditions following the two coups d’état that took place in 2022, the company in charge of the work, COGITA INTERNATIONAL, was able to finalize the construction of the center without any major problems. Equipped with a borehole and solar panels, the center is completely autonomous in its water and electricity supply.

A real sign of hope in a country with a complex context, the project allows many young girls and their children to be installed in a safe place where they can rebuild themselves and look forward to the future.
In accordance with the girls’ wishes, training in weaving, sewing, soap making and nutrition will be launched at the beginning of 2023 in order to allow their professional reintegration and to give them back confidence in their abilities. Eventually, it is planned to sell the products made in the solidarity store built at the entrance of the center to promote the financial independence of the premises. At the same time, the association SOS Fille Mère will accompany the steps to facilitate the schooling of the children: more than a one-time aid project, the association wishes to offer long-term solutions to the residents.

The official inauguration of the center with the presence of local authorities and the media will be held in February 2023. The latter had to be postponed due to the political situation. In addition to the celebration, this event will be an opportunity to highlight the difficult situations faced by young women with children out of wedlock and to raise awareness about possible solutions to such discrimination.
The project is therefore a success and the activities carried out within the center will undoubtedly contribute to positive social, economic and cultural benefits in the long term.

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