Our network in France : the Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire association




The “Friends of HAMAP” associations are independent associations under the law of 1901 whose objective is to organize local events in the artistic, cultural and sport fields, the profits of which support our development aid actions.  They can also be privileged partners for certain projetcs.

If you wish to join one of the “Friends of HAMAP” associations in France, or create one, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Carte Amis d'HAMAP

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of le Morbihan
Manager: M. PECOT Patrick
Contact: patpec442@gmail.com

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of Catalogne 

Manager: M. CONCAS GĂ©rard
Contact: gerard.concas@wanadoo.fr

The Friends of HAMAP of the Havre

Manager: M. CHAMAYOU Alain
Contact : alain.SUPPRIMERchamayou@sfr.fr

The Friends of HAMAP of Var

Manager: M. BIELIAEFF Michel
Contact: michel.SUPPRIMERbieliaeff@orange.fr

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of Pays de Martigues

Manager: M. CONIL Franck
Contact: lesamisSUPPRIMERhamap13@gmail.com

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of Lorraine
Manager: M. BELONY Jean-Claude
Contact: belonyjcv@orange.fr

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of 65

Manager: M. GAYRAUD Jacques
Contact: jacquesgm.gSUPPRIMERayraud@gmail.com

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of Versailles

Manager: M. PONCELET Bernard
Contact: poncelet.bernard@neuf.fr

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of Périgueux

Manager: M. OSWALD Jean-Pierre
Contact : jean-pierre.SUPPRIMERoswald@wanadoo.fr

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of Lyon and the RhĂ´ne

Manager: Mme PENNEQUIN Marie
Contact: jm.penneSUPPRIMERquin@free.fr

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of the Yvelines

Manager: Mme LOBJOIT Karin
Contact: karin.lobjoit@free.fr

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of the Centre

Contact: amis.dhamap.SUPPRIMERcentre@gmail.com

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of Paris

Manager: Mlle GUILLON Zahra
Contact: zahraSUPPRIMERguillon@gmail.com

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of Bourgogne and Franche-Comté

Manager: M. BRULEY Jean-François
Contact: tresorier@hamap.org

The Friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire of Strasbourg and Alsace

Manager: M. VASSAS Eric
Contact: jf.SUPPRIMERvassas@friisberg.com