I sponsor a child

HAMAP-Humanitaire proposes sponsorship as a way to support a young person in a sustainable way in his schooling

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In India, since 2019, HAMAP-Humanitaire supports the indian NGO GIFT (Girls Inspired For Tomorrow), which works since 2010 for the protection and the education of young girls from the slum of Jamrushi Nagar at Bombay. HAMAP-Humanitaire continue the action of the NGO UTAB (Un Toit à Bombay) with which it merged in 2020.

Thanks to the scholar sponsorship (240 euros per year, i.e 20 euros per month) you finance the school or college registration fees, the uniform, the tuitions (private lessons almost compulsory for young Indians) and the school supplies of a child. More than 130 young girls have access to education in schools of good level.

Thanks to “day care” sponsorship  (240 euros per year, i.e 20 euros per month)you allow a young girl to be welcomed, protected and fed at the day care center. More than forty children benefit from it.


In Burkina Faso, HAMAP-Humanitaire intervenes with children who have dropped out of school through specialized classes designed to resume their school education and to help them return to the normal curriculum within a few years. To do this, HAMAP-Humanitarian participated in the creation of these specialized classes and still supports them in 5 villages.

In Burkina Faso, with 180 euros per year, i.e 15 euros per months, you fund a child’s college tuition, uniform and school supplies.

In both cases, you will receive news of your godchildren during the year as well as their school results.

Thank you for your support.