Under the sign of the same values, HAMAP-Humanitaire and Un Toit A Bombay (UTAB) have come together as a part of a merger enacted in September 2020, following two missions in 2019 that consolidated ties with local partners NGO GIFT (Girls Inspired For Tomorrow).

The French association Un Toit A Bombay (UTAB), created in 2007 by Colette Battitini, and the Indian NGO Girls Inspired For Tomorrow (GIFT), launched in 2010, work for the protection and education of youn girls from the slums of Jamrushi Nager in Mumbai.

UTAB and GIFT care for young girls who became mothers between the ages of 3 and 21, offering them: 

  • A kindergarten for the little ones 
  • Sponsorships for school enrollment and all school materials 
  • Health care
  • Daily meals  at the daycare center
  • Distribution of food rations for the families
  • Activities (sport, dance, language, computer, self-defense) at the daycare center, and outings (museum, swimming pool) enduring the vacation
Today, 135 young girls beneficit from school sponsorship onwards and 40 little girls aged to 3 to 5 from the slum are enrolled in the GIFT kindergarten (balwadi)

After several years of care and follow-up, the older children go on the higher education or find a job.

The daycare center and the kindergarten are managed by an Indian team of 5 women including two full-time balwadi teachers. The permanent staff know the environment, the slum of Jamrushi Nager and its inhabitants, and therefore the families of the children. Six to seven other people are involved in the smooth running of the center (cook, janitor, yoga teacher, English teacher…) 

Ten years ago, none of the girls we followed reached the equivalent of the third grade. Today, more than thirty of them successfully pass the equivalent of the baccalaureate.

  • Twelve are taking courses at the university. Two are in engineering schools.
  • Two are interning at the best hotels in the area. Three are following their paths to work in banks. 
  • Others dream of becoming nurses, police officers and international lawyers.

UTAB/HAMAP-Humanitaire andGIFT support all these young girls who have understood that education is the key to a better life.

GIFT’s 2020 budget is approximately 100,000 euros.

GIFT receives donations from individual and companies in India an France.

  • The schooling of young girl is mainly ensured by sponsorship.

GIFT, a 100% Indian association, has all necessary accreditations to receive financial contributions from abroad  (FCRA, 12A, 80G, CSR).

It is now necessary to help GIFT to find other sources of financing in order to welcome and help more girls.

Education Inde
Education Inde