Optimization of the sanitation conditions in the Municipality of Ramallah

HAMAP-Humanitaire accompanied a mission to monitor the project to optimize the sanitation conditions of the Municipality of Ramallah, carried out in the framework of decentralized cooperation by the City and Metropolis of Toulouse.

The mission allowed us to observe the proper installation and use of two new centrifuges and internal laboratory equipment at the Al Tireh wastewater treatment plant.

This equipment will allow Ramallah to make a qualitative leap in the treatment of its wastewater and sludge. The final objective is to develop the reuse of treated water in the city and to make it possible to reuse the sludge for agricultural use.

The mission also reviewed the training courses carried out in Ramallah to support the operating and management teams in the commissioning and handling of this new equipment.

Finally, a study on the agronomic, sanitary, social and economic conditions is underway in order to propose recommendations to launch an experiment of sludge reuse for agricultural use in Ramallah.

This project is supported by the city and metropolis of Toulouse with the Municipality of Ramallah. It benefits from the assistance of HAMAP-Humanitaire and IOWater, as well as the financial support of the French Development Agency, the Adour Garonne Water Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Europe.