Mission in India – July 2022

From June 27 to July 5, 2022, HAMAP-Humanitaire went to India for the project of access to water and sanitation in several villages of southern India, in the region of Tamil Nadu. The project aims to improve the living conditions of the local population by improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

The objectives of the mission were the final evaluation before the closure of the project and the preparation of a potential new water access project with the construction of standpipes and also the renovation and construction of toilets.

The local partner is the NGO IRDRP (Institute of Research and Development for the Rural Poor) created in 1988 to help women with AIDS. Then little by little the NGO developed and started to work on training but also on the construction of housing, toilets and water fountains.

The purpose of the mission was to visit several villages where HAMAP-Humanitaire has intervened. In total HAMAP-Humanitarian has:

  • Built 50 toilets in the villages of Dharkast, Melathur and Aadhanur
  • Repaired 50 toilets in the villages of Dharkast, Nangathur and Melhatur
  • Built 3 water fountains in the villages of Aadhanur, Nangathur and Komendhu

Beneficiary fetching water from a standpipe

Beneficiary in front of a toilet built by HAMAP-Humanitaire

Toilet built by HAMAP-Humanitarian

The project managers visited these villages where they were able to meet the beneficiaries and talk with them about their new infrastructures.

Finally, they visited new villages, in which HAMAP-Humanitaire could potentially intervene with the help of IRDRP.