Mission to Iraq

From June 4 to 14, a team from HAMAP-Humanitaire’s head office travelled to Iraq, on a mission as part of the project “Contribute to a safer Sinjar by conducting explosive ordnances clearance and risk education through the capacity strengthening of the local NGO, SHO.”

The mission was our new Executive Director’s first to Iraq, and was the opportunity for a first meeting with our local partner Shareteah Humanitarian Organization.

The HQ missions to Iraq are first and foremost an opportunity to work with SHO, and to discuss current activities and future plans for the partnership. An social event bringing together the HAMAP and SHO teams was organized as part of the project, near Dohuk. This team-building event was an opportunity for all project teams to share a convivial moment outside the framework of the project.

Among the 10-day mission, 3 were devoted to visiting activities in the Sinjar district. While demining activities are on hold, the two demining teams are undergoing training. This training is part of our local partner’s technical capacity-building plan, which began in August 2022. The HQ was also able to observe explosive ordnance risk education sessions given to children via a puppet show. Finally, a meeting took place with the Mukhtar and Imam of the village of Al-Mawalih, where teams had cleared the land on the previous project, to discuss the reuse of lands after clearance and other needs of the village.

Finally, the mission to Iraq are an opportunity for HAMAP-Humanitaire to meet key actors in mine action, as well as local and French authorities, in order to pursue its activities in the best possible conditions, and to discuss the future of mine action and international aid in Iraq.

This project is funded by the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.