HAMAP-Humanitaire intervenes in Senegal!

Between February 13 and 22, 2023, our water and sanitation project manager went on a mission to Senegal to meet the actors involved in the project to extend the water network in the village of Louly Ngogom, in the commune of Sandiara. This mission was also the occasion to visit the villages of Bondji, in the commune of Bokiladji, Matam region, in order to meet the actors involved in the project of creation of a water network as well as the training and the sensitization of the beneficiaries.

The objective of this first project will be to improve and extend the drinking water supply to the locality of Louly Ngogom and its surroundings via the connection to the Notto Diosmone Palmarin network. The goal being to allow 900 inhabitants of the village to have sufficient and secure access to drinking water.

Awareness activities were alsó organized in Louly Ngogom’s school to present the social issues related to access to water in schools. This awareness day allowed to sensitize them to hand washing, and hygiene in schools, by proposing an integrated solution, attentive to gender and school environment issues for the benefit of students and teachers. The objective of this mission was also to accompany the delegation of Mrs. Carole Delgas, president of the Occitanie region and donor of the Louly Ngogom project, and Mr. Jean-Marc Bergia, vice-president of the SIVOM SAGE, partner of the Sandiara commune.