Q&A Health missions

The most important questions

Can one participate in a mission without being from the medical field?

Yes, non-medical personnel can be part of a team on a medical mission. For more information, please refer to ” Who can leave” 

Is it necessary to take a particular insurance?

HAMAP-Humanitaire is insured for the missions and for any problem that would be its responsibility. You will be required to sign the insurance policy included in the registration file.

Can we take donations to distribute?

 The distribution of donations or gifts to the local population is often complicated and not recommended. Your mission leader will give you instructions on how to donate before you leave, giving priority to certain basic necessities. 

Donations will be collected at the beginning of the mission for equitable distribution which will be managed by your mission leader.

Phone and call

Calling to France or being called can be very expensive. The same is true for the using of internet. It is recommended to contact your operator to find out the rate abroad. The easiest way is to disconnect the “data abroad”, take an old basic phone, buy a local SIM card and use the Internet only with a local WIFI.

Can I take time off work to go?

It is frequent active volunteers apply for leave with their employer. However, there may be specific clauses in certain collective agreements for participating in this type of mission. Do not hesitate to ask your employer about this.

Which vaccines are needed?

The only mandatory vaccination in some African countries is yellow fever. However, other vaccinations are strongly recommended (e.g. tetanus or diphtheria). Treatment against malaria will be strongly recommended depending on the health situation in the country of the mission.

 In any case, it is advisable to discuss your mission project with your doctor who will be able to advise you.

Can I take non-expired medications that I no longer use?

It is forbidden to carry any medication except those prescribed for your personal treatment. Do not forget to bring your prescription in case of control.

All medicines needed for the mission are bought in the country.

Outside working hours, can we go out in the villages?

Strict instructions will be given to you by your mission leader during the arrival meeting in the country. Team outings are always organized as part of the mission.

It is strictly forbidden to go out alone to markets, shops or other places. You must always be at least two people and inform your mission leader. During these outings, each volunteer is responsible for his or her actions and must keep in mind that he or she represents an NGO.

For security reasons, night outings are forbidden except with the team for a meal outside for example.