A health mission with HAMAP- Humanitaire


A health mission with HAMAP-Humanitaire can be summarized as follows: it is composed of a multidisciplinary team of 10 to 12 volunteers supervised by a mission leader.

This team intervenes for 15 days (interspersed with a day of rest) with dispensaries, schools or associations of villagers for medical consultations.

Prevention and education workshops are also organized (hygiene education and basic care, AIDS prevention, STI, contraception, first aid…).

The primary objective of the HAMAP health missions is to treat and help the most needy populations, mainly women and children who are most affected by poverty and precariousness.

Depending on the country or region, you will be staying in a hotel or with a local person. HAMAP-Humanitaire does everything possible with its local partners to ensure your safety and a minimum of comfort.

The mission expenses are different depending on the destination.

They include the purchase of airline tickets, accommodation, food, local transportation, translators, insurance, the purchase of medicines and other items, and the supervision of a HAMAP mission leader.