Our projects in Guinea

From March 10 to 18, 2023, our EAH project manager went to Guinea to carry out a monitoring mission for the water network extension project in the rural commune of Timbi Touni. Financed by the SEDIF, the objective of this project was to lay 8km of network, build 5 standpipes and several private connections. HAMAP-Humanitaire and its local partner, the ADTTF, are also committed to strengthening the capacity of the network manager by providing him with a monitoring software created by a local company.

During her visit, the HAMAP-Humanitaire project manager was able to monitor the work done, meet with local authorities and take stock of the management of the water network.

Indeed, in order to ensure the sustainability of the infrastructure, an IT solution has been developed locally to optimize the technical and financial monitoring of water consumption in the municipality, making Timbi Touni a real focus for innovation. In addition to site visits, awareness-raising sessions were held during public information meetings to promote the ownership of the project by the inhabitants.

Following the success of this project, HAMAP-Humanitaire and ADTTF in partnership with the local mayor are currently working on the development of a next phase to connect new villages and thus benefit the 20,000 inhabitants of the municipality of Timbi Touni.