HAMAP-Humanitaire participated in the Local Water Management Forum!

HAMAP-Humanitaire participated in the Carrefour de Gestion Locale des Eaux in Rennes on January 25, 2023. HAMAP-Humanitaire and its partners led a conference about water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Cambodia and Laos. HAMAP-Humanitaire presented its project which is taking place in a priority commune identified by the local authorities in the Stun Sen basin in Putrea, Cambodia.

The general objective of this project is to improve access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in the commune. In addition, the objective is also to set up a drinking water supply syndicate and to drill boreholes, build a water tower with a collective network including standpipes and house connections. At the end of this project, HAMAP-Humanitaire and its partners wish to set up an awareness campaign for the inhabitants on hygiene and water use and a communal water management committee. This project is co-financed by the Metropolis of Brest and the Rhine-Meuse and Loire-Brittany Water Agencies.

The Crossroads of Local Water Management was also an opportunity for HAMAP-Humanitaire to meet and exchange with its partners about the projects of access to water and sanitation in Laos, more particularly in 3 priority villages of the Nam Ngum River Basin.

These two projects are complementary to the institutional cooperation actions set up by the Rhine Meuse and Loire Bretagne Water Agencies, accompanied by IOWater.