Togo – Health missions

Togo - Health mission

Village of Tchékpo-Dédékpoè

Tchékpo-Dédékpoè is a village in Togo, located in maritime area, about 55 km in the Northeast of Lome, the capital city and at 20 km from Tabligbo, capital of the Yoto prefecture. The village of Tchékpo Dédékpoè and the neighboring villages of Tchékpo-Anagali, Tchékpo-Dévé and Essé Zogbédji form the canton of Tchékpo. The population of this canton is 25,000 inhabitants. A field hospital is located 20 km upstream from this village, a second one downstream from the village with a single dispensary in the middle. There is no doctor in this dispensary. Only twice a year, doctors from Lome intervene to monitor chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc.)


Helping health development by providing medical consultations to isolated populations and sharing knowledge with the medical staff of the local dispensary.

HAMAP contact

  • Project coordinator: Amina DAHANE
  • In charge of the health field: Josiane SABATIER tel : +33 699421860
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