To ensure the security of the civilian population of the Nouadhibou peninsula


The contamination of the north of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania by anti-personnel mines and explosive remnants of war is due to its involvement in the Western Sahara conflict of 1976-1978, marked by chaotic mining and the use of a large number of mines, generally without any laying plan. Forty-six years after the war, mines continue to kill, hinder development in the north of the country, and block economic activities such as: agro-pastoral activities, mining research, fishing, tourism, trade. Today, the Mauritanian government has estimated the total area of mine contamination in the country to be 16.18km2. However, 96% of this mine contamination (both anti-personnel and anti-tank) is concentrated in Nouadhibou region.


Strengthen PNDHD’s mine action capabilities and clear identified hazardous areas

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