Extension of the drinking water network

Timbi Touni, Guinea

In 2019, the commune of Timbi Touni is supplied by a drinking water supply system that has existed for over 22 years. The latter, aging and undersized in relation to the water needs of the population, was renovated during a project carried out by the association for the development of Timbi Touni in France (ADTTF). However, since demand is high, the ADTTF, supported by the town hall and HAMAP-Humanitaire, wishes to extend the network to the identified neighborhoods and improve the water distribution service.

In addition to this work, support for the management of the service will be put in place, in particular through the launch of a billing software. In order to ensure the sustainability of the water distribution service, an awareness-raising component on good hygiene practices will be managed by the National Service of Water Points of Guinea (SNAPE).


Improving access and management of the drinking water service in the commune of Timbi Touni

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