Project management assistance in the framework of the Ramonville-Mellouleche cooperation for the improvement of access to water and sanitation

Mellouche – Tunisia


In terms of drinking water, the current economic difficulties that Tunisia is experiencing, prevents Tunisian national water company/ SONEDE from meeting the requests for extension of drinking water networks desired by the elected officials of Mellouleche. The decentralized cooperation, initiated in 2015, attaches particular importance to improving access to the drinking water network of the homes of the municipality of Mellouleche. In terms of sanitation, the main concern of the City Council is to rehabilitate the sanitary blocks of the elementary school and the port area and allow the preservation of environmental resources. Finally, the cooperation supports the municipal council of Melloulech in the management and governance of its new attributions defined by the Tunisian authorities in the framework of the ongoing decentralization process.


To improve access to drinking water sanitation for the inhabitants of Mellouleche

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