HAMAP-Humanitaire is an association set up under the law of 1901. Its General Assembly meets once a year.

The board of directors has 20 directors to date and meets several times a year to discuss an agenda prepared by the officers.

Officers for the board of directors are elected from members during General Assembly meetings. The 5 officers meet every Wednesday, including the President, two Vice Presidents, a Treasurer and a general secretary.

In addition, there is an ethics committee comprising 6 members, with permanent project managers and 4 activity advisers.

The HAMAP-Humanitaire network has ambassadors representing the organisation in each country, creating a link between France and local institutions, partner NGOs and friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire in France. The decentralised structure is based on associates and is aimed at mobilising local financing and volunteers to help the headquarters with projects. Finally, regional ambassadors manage institutional relations.

Naturally, HAMAP-Humanitaire operates thanks to a network of active volunteers (80) and experts (40).

View the organisational chart for HAMAPHumanitaire below to find out more: :




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