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HAMAP-Humanitaire is a 1901 law association. Its General Assembly meets once a year.

The Board of Directors, which currently has 20 directors, meets several times a year on the basis of an agenda prepared by the Bureau .

Within the Board of Directors is elected among its members, during the General Assembly, the Bureau, which has 5 members and meets every Wednesday. The Bureau includes the president, two vice-presidents, a treasurer and a secretary general.

In addition, there is the ethics committee which has 6 members, permanent project managers (5 in number) and a civic service, 4 activity referents.

HAMAP-Humanitaire has HAMAP-ambassadors in its network. Humanitarian in each country who forge a link between France and local institutions and partner NGOs, the friends of HAMAP-Humanitaire in France: decentralized associative structure mobilizing local funding and volunteers, which can help the head office to carry out projects and finally the Regional Ambassadors in charge of institutional relations.

And of course, HAMAP-Humanitaire works thanks to a network of active volunteers (80 people) and ‘experts (40 people)

We invite you to discover the HAMAP Humanitair organization chart e :