Mission to assess the problem of improvised explosive devices and explosive remnants of war

Northeast Syria

This needs assessment mission is part of the preparation for the demining of the Northern Syrian cantons in order to allow the civilian population and in particular the numerous refugee families who are resettling in the former combat zones, to return to a normal life in a safe environment. The risk identification, risk education and demining activities that resulted from this assessment mission have helped to accelerate the reconstruction and economic recovery of this war-torn region. Violent clashes during 2016 drove Islamic State fighters out of Efrin, Cizire and Kobane townships that they had occupied in some cases for several years. The end of the fighting does not mean a return to peace. Indeed, a new challenge must be met, that linked to the presence of thousands of improvised explosive devices deliberately planted by fighters in towns, villages and cultivable areas to prevent any return of the civilian population. In addition, ground fighting and intensive strikes by international coalition aircraft on residential areas occupied by the Ismalic State have left a large amount of unexploded ordnance in the rubble.


Reduce the vulneravility of the civilian population to the risks associated with mines, munitions and other improviesed explosive devices.

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