Mine action project for the benefit of the population and displaced persons

North East Syria

Given the extreme density of explosive hazards contamination in North-East Syria, the population is still facing the damage caused by more than ten years of conflict, but also with the impossibility of projecting themselves into a “post-war” period. After four years of Raqqah’s liberation, it is absolutely necessary to continue raising awareness on explosive ordnance risks to allow the safe return of internal displaced persons (IDPs). The threat of explosive devices of all kinds prohibits the return and rehabilitation of towns, villages, and social and economic infrastructures and prevents humanitarian actors from accessing to areas with people in need of humanitarian assistance, Beyond the danger linked to the presence of mines, Explosive Remnants of War and Improvised Explosive Devices, other humanitarian aid activities are necessary to tend towards decent living conditions for the populations and displaced persons.

This project provides both the local population and humanitarian aid organizations with two mine risk awareness and a non-technical survey teams to mark out suspected dangerous areas, accompanied by two specialized clearance teams.


To contribute to the improvement of the security of the living environment of the population and the displaced persons in the North East Syria by carrying out demining and explosive device risk education (EDRE).

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