Mine Action for the benefit of the displaced population

Northeast Syria

Faced with the extreme density of pollution by mines, REG and EEI (improved explosive devices and explosive remnants of war) in Northeast Syria, the population is confronted not only with the damage caused by 10 years of conflit affecting their living conditions and their short, medium and, long-term prospects, but also with the impossibility of projecting themselves into a “post-war” period, as the threat of explosive devices of all kinds prohibits the return to and reconstruction of towns, villages, social and, economic infrastructures. Even closer than the “post-war” perspective, the means given to humanitarian aid are regularly prevented by difficulties of access, displacement/action in places of intervention suspeted to be dangerous due to presence of explosive devices. This project proposes to privide the population and humanitarian aid organization with 2 mine, REG and EEI risk education teams and non-technical survey teams to mark out suspetcted dangerous areas, accompanied by 2 demining teams to clear marked areas and make it possible to reappropriate the sites. 


To contribute to the improvement of the security of the living environment of the population and the displaced persons in the NES by carrying out demining and risk awareness operations.

Our partners

Centre de Crise et de Soutien du Ministère de l_Europe et des Affaires Etrangères

HAMAP contact

Diane LOPICCOLO: diane.lopiccolo@hamap.org

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