Give your company an image of citizenship, responsibility, solidarity and open to solutions to development problems.
Corporate sponsorship allows you to support causes of general interest and to create a bond of trust with a partner association.

By choosing to support HAMAP Humanitaire, your company joins an association of volunteer professionals, recognized exclusively charitable, which carries out concrete programs internationally in the fields of engineering, health, education and the fight against the risks of anti-personnel mines.

What is corporate sponsorship?

Free engagement of your business in the form of a financial donation, products, provision of resources or a contribution of skills, without seeking to impact on your trading activities.
A vision shared between your company and the association which takes action for you in a spirit of trust and exchange.

Patronage brings to your business:
> Meaning and personality
> Dialogue and openness
> Pride and personal development
> Reputation and Trust

Sponsorship for HAMAP Humanitaire:
> Resources and means
> Support and expertise
> Recognition and visibility
> Synergy and networks

Did you know?

The law provides that payments made by companies for sponsorship lead to a tax reduction equal to 60% of the amount paid within the limit of 5 per thousand (0.5%) of turnover excluding taxes (Art 238 bis of the CGI).

Why support us?

For 17 years HAMAP Humanitaire has carried out concrete actions in ten countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean. To carry out its programs our NGO needs to develop its resources and operational means. HAMAP Humanitaire already has the confidence of many local authorities, foundations and private donors. Association on a human scale, we can offer you a privileged collaboration.

In practice:

Donations of less than € 1,000 : allocated by the association according to its priorities
Donations greater than € 5,000: can be allocated to a specific action according to the choice of the patron.
Donations greater than € 10,000: may be the subject of the creation of a specific program in partnership with the sponsor.

Patronage: humanitarian value of your company
Legal framework of sponsorship




Our support: :


  • This is the Institution of Social Management of the Armed Forces. IGESA aims are to lead social and medical-social establishments that are part of the Ministry of Defence. They carry out activities given to them by the Ministry that are of a social and medical-social nature.
  • The main objective of the PhotoMenton Association is to promote photography and support NGO HAMAP-Humanitaire. To support HAMAP-Humanitaire, every year since November 2005, the Association has held a photography festival in Menton.
  • The main objective of FOTOVAR is to promote photography and support NGO HAMAP-Humanitaire by organising an annual photography festival in Draguignan. The funds received are going towards financing a school class in Burkina Faso and helping to set up drinking water points in the province of Siem Reap in Cambodia.
  • EMPcorp offers services for online payment and virtual currency for industry. The company specialises in detecting fraud and in financial management.
  • The company EcoTrône specialises in the sale of dry toilets that are 100% recyclable and 100% customisable.
  • The company Lerichemont offers quality accommodation at a good price to various clients who need to stay in Paris or nearby in the suburbs for social or work reasons and for periods of anything from a month to three years.
  • Medicis-Jobboard is the first European medical recruitment web platform. It aims to connect European health professionals (doctors and paramedical staff).
  • Ma Collection Pas Chere is a site dedicated to collectors, helping them to find what they are looking for in any area. This platform sells various objects that enthusiasts frequently collect.
  • The NGO SHAMMESH “Towards a better world” is an NGO under Beninese law that acts to improve living conditions in local areas


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