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Join the HAMAP-Humanitaire health missions


The health division implements health missions with the aim of strengthening local capacity by supporting health professionals on site,reinforcing access to healthcare for isolated populations and raising awareness among populations when it comes to good hygiene practices to reduce the rate of illnesses.

These missions consist of a multi-disciplinary team with medical and non-medical volunteers who help vulnerable local populations to set up clinics, schools or village associations offering medical consultations, and nursing care The missions also focus on prevention to awareness about hygiene.







Practical information :

– Missions last 2 weeks on average.

– The costs of going on the mission (plane tickets, insurance, accommodation…) must be paid for by the volunteer (with a tax reduction of 66% for the sums paid).

– The volunteer must take part in a health seminar. The aim of this event is to inform the volunteer about the forthcoming mission and allow them to meet people who have already been away on missions with HAMAP-Humanitaire.



Would you like to join our teams working abroad on a health mission ….?



These are the steps you need to take :
* View the provisional calendar for health missions :  
* Contact us to receive the sign-up form
* You will be invited to an interview with the Head of Volunteers.



For more information on health missions,please contact us..








Jack’s testimonial, a general doctor volunteer








Josiane’s testimonial, a nurse in charge of the health division