Decentralized cooperation for drinking water supply and sanitation

Aplahoué – Bénin

The Commune of Aplahoué is located in the department of Couffo, in the southwest of Benin. According to the World Bank’s ranking, Benin is the 8th poorest country in the world. The project is located in a rural and semi-urban area where water stress is particularly high. In the commune of Aplahoué, only 5% of the 171,000 inhabitants have access to a functional AEV or functional FPM for drinking water. In addition, the majority of the inhabitants do not have access to sanitation facilities. The supply of drinking water is a priority for the Beninese government with their development program entitled “Government Action Program – GAP”. The GAP has three objectives, with the aim of ensuring access to drinking water for the entire population by 2021: to strengthen democracy, revive the economy and improve living conditions and social justice.


The improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants of Aphlahoué by ensuring equitable access to drinking water, hygiene and sanitation.

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