We take concrete action so that more men, women and children can have access to drinking water, sanitary facilities, education, health services and security.

This year, we have succeeded in supporting more than 100,000 individuals. Above all, we help women and children to lead a better life and flourish in their environment.

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Providing access to water means helping people to live. Providing access to sanitary facilities means giving people dignity. Offering access to education allows young people to grow up to be independent. Improving conditions for accessing care and reducing accidents caused by land mines and explosive remnants from war means that suffering is avoided. With your help and commitment, HAMAP-Humanitaire has provided:

26,445 people with access to drinking water
5,538 people with access to sanitary facilities
65,600 people with access to a better medical treatment
2,756 people with access to basic medical appointments
2,890 people with basic education
1 100 personnes to be trained and made aware of land mines

The main goal of our action is to support 100,000 people. However, with your help, we can do more.


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