Assistance to the project manager, Lescar-Beit Fajjar cooperation for the improvement of access to drinking water

Beit Fajjar -Palestine

The municipality of Beit Fajjar has a limited amount of water and low pressure at the main delivery point by the Israeli company “Mekorot”, which sells water to Palestinian communities. The reduced water supply causes serious crises for the inhabitants of Beit Fajjar, especially in summer, taking into account the fact that there are 140 stone quarrying and building material companies, the main source of employment in the municipal territory. The cooperation has already made it possible to separate the water supply circuits for the industrial area and the urban area, thus facilitating the supply of water to the city in case of restrictions. It is now necessary to extend and secure the water supply for the city and to strengthen the management and operating staff to improve the management and operation of the network.


Improving access to drinking water for the inhabitants

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