Drinking water supply and access to sanitation

Dabo – Casamance – Sénégal

The rural commune of Dabo is located east of Kolda in Casamance, the capital of the region and department of the same name. It is the area with the least water infrastructure in Senegal, with a rate of 15% of access to water. This commune has a water tower, but it has been out of service for 7 years. In addition, the distribution network is outdated and only serves a small proportion of the population. Access to water is lacking in this locality, the majority of the population consumes unhealthy water from wells. The sanitation situation is precarious, and the absence of adequate structures leads to contamination of the water table. The population is therefore prone to water-borne diseases, the leading cause of death in the world.


To improve the sanitary conditions of the commune’s inhabitants by providing them sanitation structures and sustainable access to drinking water.


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