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Burkina Faso

Within the framework of the decentralized cooperation between the city of Autun (France) and Ouéléni (Burkina Faso), several international solidarity projects have taken place between the two communes in order to promote local development. In 2020, the city of Autun and SMEMAC financed a feasibility study to analyze different options for the implementation of a project to strengthen access to drinking water in the commune of Ouéléni. This study led to the creation of the present project, the objective of which is to sustainably improve access to water and sanitation in Ouéléni and 17 surrounding villages.

To do so, three results will be achieved:

  • Access to drinking water and sanitation is strengthened
  • Good water management and hygiene practices are adopted by the inhabitants of Ouéléni
  • The formation of management committees allows the sustainability of the water service


To sustainably improve access to water and sanitation in the commune of Ouéléni and its 17 villages.

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Association de coopération et de développement (ACD)

Ouéléni commune

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